Roulette Guide

Roulette Guide

The roulette was invented in the 17th century by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. In 1842, a better version was pioneered in Hamburg, Germany by Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc because in France wagering was illegal during this period. The novelty consisted in the introduction of the single “0” roulette wheel.

It soon became very popular and replaced the earlier game that featured higher chances. It later became known as the European Roulette and this is the game responsible for bringing wealth, fortune and fame to the city of Monte-Carlo and the state of Monaco.

In America the roulette table reached the gamblers under its old form, the one with double “00”. The game gained its popularity in the old west of America during the Gold Rush. This version is today known as the American Roulette.

Once you feel confident with your gaming skills you can play the online roulette for money.

Passionate gamblers say that the odds of winning at an online roulette are better than in the case of the real-life ones.

Even if there are many online roulette games that can be played for free, you have below the rules that apply to all online roulette versions, and they are similar to the real-life game; you have the following general betting options:

  • You can place your bet on a single number
  • You can pick several numbers
  • You can choose a color: red or black
  • You can opt for even or odd numbers.

The sum of money that you can win depends on the amount of numbers that you choose to bet on.If you pick a single number then the odds of winning are very low, so in case of winning you receive 35 times the value you placed on the online roulette table. If you want to take lower risks the wining will also be lower.
The lowest amount of money you can win is getting the amount gambled.