Is Online Gambling Safe?

Is Online Gambling Safe?

Some have been known to use online gambling software that they can manipulate, not to pay big winners, to change the terms of a bonus or to have horrible or non-existent customer support. If you are not careful, your “casino” may be run by a guy without any money from his garage, or they might actually steal your money outright.

How do you protect yourself? It is not difficult:

  • Do not make huge deposits or huge withdrawals all at once.
  • Only play at the reputable casinos listed in our Top 30 Online Casinos.

The purpose of the Online Casino Review web site is to keep an up-to-date reference source that lists only the most reputable casinos that offer online gambling. This probably is your most important protection.

Use Free Firepay and Neteller Accounts for Online Gambling Deposits

It is becoming difficult to use credit cards for online gambling Many banks that issue credit cards no longer allow this. However, you can increase the chances of credit card acceptance, and increase the safety, with Firepay and Neteller. These are “intermediate” accounts that can make online gambling deposits and withdrawals easier, safer, and cheaper.

Firstly, if a casino is able to process a deposit for online gambling from your credit card, then Firepay and Neteller can also do it. Secondly, if your credit card bank does not approve online gambling deposits, then Firepay and Neteller probably can set up an electronic transfer from your savings or checking account-without credit card fees. Finally, it is quite safe to send Firepay or Neteller a large online gambling deposit by check, if that is your preference. You then can transfer “a little at a time” instantly to any casino as you need it.

There now are several other “new” intermediate account systems that accept online gambling deposits and witdrawals. However, Firepay and Neteller are the most reputable, and together they probably cover every reputable online casino.

Getting Your Money Out

To withdraw your online gambling profits, first check the latest rules at Firepay and Neteller. The online casino will also provide this information. You might be able to withdraw online gambling winnings from the casino instantly and free, or with a small fee. However, this fee also might be more than you want to pay. In that case, just ask the casino to mail you a check. Usually this is always free.

Downloading the Online Gambling Software

Some online gambling software does not require a download, but most do and usually these games are better. So if you have a slow dial-up connection, prepare to do this at the end of the day because it may take an hour or so. Then you “install” the online gambling software like any other program, by simply double clicking on the set-up file.

Do the Online Casinos Have Good Games?

Generally, gambling is much better online than offline. You can play big at Craps, or bet $1 with perfectly-balanced “free odds.” Starting from $50 I have rung up online gambling profits of more than $2000 at single-zero online Roulette-thanks again to low minimums, half the house advantage, and “no tipping.” Slots players who want to gamble online will find substantial variety. Blackjack fans: sorry, you cannot count cards because the deck is shuffled with every hand. However, BJ sharks and even rank amateurs are poised to take special advantage of the constant and serious deposit bonus offers-so that even without card counting, you actually can expect to be a long-term winner when gambling online.

What About Poker Room Collusion & Robots?

This is a genuine concern, but as long as you only gamble at the Poker Rooms listed in the Top 30 Online Casinos we recommend, this is not likely to be a problem. I am a slow but steady winner at online poker, and so far as I know, I am not a robot… The one “mainstream” online poker room that seems rumored by some players to have robots, more likely is just the most popular place for expert players. Collusion among players is more problematic-but the same poker room responded promptly, with a detailed investigation, when I reported suspicious activity. Moreover, by far the most serious poker hazards when gambling online are “bad luck and better players”. This is the same as with offline poker-while unlike with offline poker, the rake is small, there is no tipping, and there are normally valuable deposit bonuses, and when you are overmatched, it is easy to leave and find another table! (Or another poker room.) I.e., “Leave when you lose.” That in my opinion is the ultimate strategy against collusion, robots, bad luck, and better players-all inclusive. This has worked well for me.

Protecting Eyes & Fingers

Eyestrain is common for any computer activity and this is true for avid online gamblers also. So as usual: “don’t overdue it”-be sure that without glare, your space is evenly lit-place a window or mirror to relax your gaze frequently-do eye exercises-consider supplements such as Bilberry. Otherwise, “click-fatigue” is the only special hazard. Problem solved by “mousekeys”-do a “help” search in Windows ME+-and ideally, also hold a pencil and use the eraser to click when you are gambling online for long hours.

You Are Ready to Start Your Online Gambling Career

Once you activate any online gambling software program, the links are fairly self-explanatory. First you may wish to “play for free.” Then find the “account” or “teller” link to transfer your online gambling funds into the casino, and start playing for real money. Then, you just click on your favorite game, follow the links and start gambling. Any complication: send them an email, or call the 24-hr phone number that most reputable online casinos provide.